Walkway Press  was a multilayered art project based on the condemned Grey Leopold Estate in East London. Workshops, CV writing classes and ‘parties’ took place over the two year period at Fabianczyk’s fourth floor flat, and on the long concrete walkway that she shared with her neighbours. The estate tenants and people from outside of the estate would sometimes gather together for a shared experience and food. Fabianczyk also hosted  Baul and Fakiri musicians that came from as far as West Bengal to one of the events. Parallel to the Walkway Press project, she developed a film making process (still in post-production) in collaboration with Annalisa Sonzogni. Recalled conversations with the tenants and her experience of living on the Leopold Estate became the voice-over for the film.

To read about the process and what happened please visit www.walkway-press.blogspot.com.

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