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Artist and educator interested in creating and exploring participatory processes.


2017 Goldsmiths University of London – MA Art and Politics

2012 Foundation in Narrative Mediation at Common Ground Charity, London

2008 Byam Shaw School of Art at Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art Hons

2001 University of Economics, Katowice, Poland


2017 We Hybrids (with Ioli Tzanetaki), Turf Projects, Croydon, in collaboration with Artist Union UK

2018 Edible Interventions - Democratic Soup, Common House, London (as part of Antiuniversity Now)

2017 We Hybrids (with Ioli Tzanetaki), Focal Point Gallery and The Old Waterworks (as part of The Jump Room project)

2017 We Hybrids (with Ioli Tzanetaki), Eastside Projects, in collaboration with Artist Union UK

2017 Edible Interventions - Democratic Soup, (with They Are Here), Studio Voltaire

2017 We Hybrids (with Ioli Tzanetaki), Copenhagen Youth Project, London

2016 We Hybrids, Goldsmiths University (with Ioli Tzanetaki)

2017 Write a Line, (with Rebecca Kenny and Margarita Rebolledo Hernandez), public protest space, London

2012 Less than me. More than you – a traveling sound piece, VASL, Karachi

2011 On defining a First Class Banana, make an apple a Royal Gala – The Mews Project Space, London

2011 Uncertainty of a Cucumber – The Pigeon Wing, London

2011 Flat Screen – Leopold Estate, London

2010 Cultural Shots, Authentic Soup – The Pigeon Wing Gallery, London

2010 Open Door – Leopold Estate, London

2010 Flip It - Eat It! –The Pigeon Wing, London 

2010 Cooking from Leftovers –The Agency Gallery, London 

2009 Democratic Soup – PoSt Project Space, London

2009 Post – PoSt Project Space, London

2009 Conversations –Bengali Workers Association, London


2018 Hate Free? CSW Kronika, Bytom

2018 Hate Free? Labor, Budapest

2018 Bez nenávisti? Nitrianska Galéria, Nitra

2017 The wall: Art Face to Face with Borders, Trafostacja Sztuki, Szczecin, curated by Stanisław Ruksza

2017 Bez nenávisti? The Museum of Romani Culture, Brno, curated by Zuzana Stefkova

2016 Arrival, Departure Return (with Tilly Fowler), Colombo Art Biennale, Colombo, curated by Sara Mahmood

2016 Text and It’s Performance, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, curated by Agnieszka Kilian

2016 The wall: Art Face to Face with Borders, Stara Fabryka Drutu, Gliwice

2015 Je brûle Paris (I am burning Paris), Cité Internationale des arts, Paris

2015 Projekt Metropolis, Muzeum Śląskie, Katowice

2015 The wall: Art Face to Face with Borders, Careof, Milan

2015 A Place Where We Could Go, NoPlace, Oslo

2015 Documents from Poland, screening at Clark House, Mumbai

2014 Critical Juncture, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi

2014 Cities Methodologies, UCL, London

2014 Onipa Ye De / Human Being is Sweet, Alliance Francaise, Kumasi

2014 Everything Must Go, Thomas Brothers, London

2014 A Place Where We Could Go, CSW Kronika, Bytom

2014 Different Weathers of My Body, John Jones, London

2013 Cally Calls, London, curated by AIR (Anna Hart and Tilly Fowler)

2013 Cultural Citizenship – Mobile Loyalties, 12 Stars Gallery, Europe House, London, curated by Lily Hall

2013 X Marks The Bokship, London

2013 We Were Trying To Make Sense, 1 Shanthiroad, Bangalore, India

2012 Ersatz Monument, C. Rockefeller Centre For The Contemporary Arts, Dresden (with Sebastian Acker and Elisabeth Rosenthal)

2012 Vasl International Workshop Exhibition – Port Grand, Karachi, Pakistan

2011 Arrival, Departure, Return  (as Transit with Tilly Fowler) – LOW&HIGH, Folkestone

2011 Art Book Fair – The Mews Project Space, London, curated by Marialaura Ghidini

2011 HA-HA, Folkestone Fringe 2011, Folkestone

2011 BAT Pack II, Mile End Art Pavilion, London

2010 Transformation – Akarprakar Gallery, Kolkata, India

2010 Not So Mini Miniplex, The Pigeon Wing Gallery, London, curated by Sarah Jury

2010 Miniplex, Deptford X Art Festival, London, curated by Sarah Jury

2009 Transit 2009 – Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Kolkata, India

2008 MyspaceLdz, Work installed in a public space, Lódz

2008 Loadz of Berloons, Happen Studio, Gallery, Berlin

2008 Polish-Swedish Construction Workers, Skulptur Parken, Angelsberg

2008 Complexity/Simplicity with Karl Larsson – We Arts Gallery, CSM, London

2008 Reflect – Shunt Space, London

2008 Unit. Space And The Built Environment - Whittington House, London

2007 Random Forms of Being – Trinity Buoy Wharf, London

2007 Through The Looking Glass – Oslo House Project Space, London


2018 Festival of Choice film programme (as Dziewuchy London), Amnesty International, London

2016 Festival of Choice film programme (as Dziewuchy London) in collaboration with Mercedes Tarrio (15 M London Women’s Assembly), Amnesty International, London

2015 Five Nation Film, Alchemy Festival at Southbank Centre, London

2014 Critical Juncture, (In collaboration with Neelima Jeychandran) exhibition and international residency program, Kochi-Muziris Biennale, Kochi

2013 We were trying to make sense, 1Shanthiroad, Bangalore

2011 - 2012 Walkway Press, a collaboration with the Bengali community of the Leopold Estate, London.

2009 - 2010 Transit, EU funded two-year long collaboration with Patachitra Artists, culminating with two exhibitions: Akarprakar Gallery, Transit 2009 and Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Transformation (with Niels Staats, Mathilda Fowler, Arunas Survila, Spandana Gopal and Joel Dever), in collaboration with NGO, villages of West Bengal and Kolkata


2018 Polonez à la Romanes, CSW Kronika, Bytom (in collaboration with Anita Sułkowska, Ersad Kamiński, Angela Mirga-Piotrowska)

2015 Fierce Festival, Birmingham

2014 Eye Contemporary Ghana, Kumasi

2013-2014 A Place Where We Could Go, CSW Kronika, Bytom

2013 Hostings, Commissioned by AIR and Islington Council Arts Service, as part of A Million Minutes project, London

2013 Cally Calls, AIR at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London

2013-2014 Rewiry, Centrum Kultury w Lublinie

2012 C. Rockefeller Centre For The Contemporary Arts, Dresden

2012 Vasl (Triangle Trust) Karachi

2011 Low&High in collaboration with Tilly Fowler, Folkestone Fringe

2011 Retreat, Lake District (mobile residency), UK

2009 Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Kolkata / with Niels Staats, Tilly Fowler, Arunas Survila, Spandana Gopal, Joel Dever and Patachitra Artists

2008 Skulpture Parken, Angelsberg, Sweden / with Karl Larsson and Stanisław Boniecki

2008 Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee, Berlin


2018 Organise with others – Keep it Complex, Make it Clear, RES, Enclave, London

2017  Whats is a Camden community maker space?, Plural Futures, CSM, presentation with Sarah Cole

2017 International Activism, panel, Women of the World Festival, Southbank Centre, London

2015 V&A – CSM Spatial Practices awayday workshop, artist presentation, V&A, London

2014 Against the current, FICA (Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art), New Delhi

2013 ‘We were trying to make sense...’ Exploring socially engaged art practices - Santiniketan University

2013 The ethics of collaboration - Studio 21, Kolkata

2012 Participation in Photography: Memory, Archives and Authorship – symposium, a part of Urban Photo Fest London in conjunction with CUCR, Goldsmiths, University of London and Urban Encounters

2012 Responsible Collaborating - When Walls Are Not So White, APT Gallery, London -

2012 Artist talk, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Karachi

2011 ‘People Don’t Have Ideas’ - Should We Make A Film On The Leopold Estate? Lewisham Art House

2010 Artist talk, Studio 21, Kolkata

2009 Artist talk, Khoj, Kolkata


2018 Central St Martins College of Art and Design, UAL, Visiting Tutor (Developed and led collaborative Boring Machine project, teaching BA year 2 students from CSM and the students of construction from King’s Cross Construction Skill Centre)

2017 Central St Martins College of Art and Design, UAL, Visiting Tutor (Developed and led collaborative Knocks and Shocks project, teaching BA year 2 students from CSM and the students of construction from King’s Cross Construction Skill Centre)

2017 - 2018 Mentor at WOW Festival, Southbank Centre, London

2015 Sztuka jako środek drażniący (with Alicja Rogalska), Centrum Praktyk Edukacyjnych, Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznań

2015 Looking at Indian and Polish Cultural Collaborations, seminar and workshop at Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady

2012 - 2014 Gallery visits with Fine Art BA students, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UAL

2012 - 2013 London As a Resource, Lectures, CSM, UAL


2018 What is this space for?, Museum of Romani Culture, Brno

2017 Write a Line, song writing workshops and performances, London (with Rebecca Kenny and Margarita Rebolledo Hernandez)

2014 Nubuke Foundation, Kumasi Ghana

2014 Workshop for Roma and Polish children, part of ‘Where I was not’, State School Nr19, Bytom

2011- 2012 Weekly workshops with children from the Leopold Estate in London, Bow Arts Trust


2018 CSM Public, interview by Teleri Lloyd-Jones

2018 Projekt Metropolis, Fundacja Imago Mundi

2017 meets artists, interview with Fabianczyk by Bojana Popadic for the online magazine on art and politics - GAPA.

2016 The Wall, publication was an extension of the exhibition, Kronika Cultural Centre, Bytom

2015 Rewiry, project catalogue, Centrum Kultury w Lublinie, Lublin

2015 A Place Where We Could Go, includes ‘Where I Was Not: Art as Opportunity‘  essay by Agata Tecl-Szubert, a reflection on Fabianczyk’s work with  the Roma community

2014 Art Licks magazine, Fabianczyk interviewed by Lily Hall

2012 ‘We were trying to make sense …’ Exploring Artist and Non-Artist Collaborations -  edited by Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle. Includes contributions from Rachel Anderson (Artangel), Broniowianki (Polish Folk Group), Petra Bryant, Tilly Fowler (A.I.R and Central Saint Martins), Emaan Mahmud, David Roberts (Estate), Alicja Rogalska, Justyna Scheuring, Erica Scourti, Magda Fabianczyk and Sophie Hoyle .

2012 Blue is Blue, but Grey can be Blue too. Notes from the Leopold Estate  – illustrated essay by for Deja Vu, Vienna (

2011 Pirates of the Leopold Estate - contribution to a project by They Are Here, Vivid, Birmingham