Boring Machine was a pedagogical project, which I developed and led for UAL Central St Martins, with the support of Sarah Cole, a tutor at CSM. I brought together the students of art from UAL Central St Martins and the students of construction, from local to the art college King’s Cross Construction Skill Centre. The students met on a weekly basis across two sites, participating in practical workshops, including brick laying and using a CNC router. They also experimented with encountered at the constuction centre objects, and art and construction materials. Experiencing challenges on the way to communicate, identifying the source of the obstacles and attempts to overcome them inspired student’s projects. They explored time, spontaneity, gesture and chance as elements of a collaborative process.

As part of the project, I invited staff of the both institutions to participate in a choir workshop. This one-off workshop was a chance to meet aside from official meetings and teaching sessions. It took place within the workshop area at the King’s Cross Construction Skill Centre and was led by Jenny Moore from F*Choir. 

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Students presented their work at the public event at King’s Cross Construction Skill Centre, May, 2018

The choir workshop at King’s Cross Construction Skill Centre